Irene Corchado Resmella

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: thehomereporter

Before getting in contact

Bear in mind that this is a personal blog and for the moment

  • I do NOT publish guest posts from other bloggers;
  • I do NOT publish articles previously written by companies;
  • I do NOT write sponsored posts to be published on the blog;
  • I do NOT participate in link-sharing activities, and I do NOT reply to requests to include external links in my articles.

Messages with these (or similar) proposals will be ignored.

Get in touch

✔to say ‘hi’ and share your impressions about the blog;
✔to point out mistakes or typos, so I can fix them;
✔to suggest topics you’d like me to write about;
✔to explore collaboration opportunities on personal or professional projects requiring linguistic services (Spanish translation, content writing for blogs, copywriting, proofreading).

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